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Commercial and Industrial
Water Treatment and Filtration Services

Protecting Your Equipment and Boilers from Water Quality Issues

Protect your commercial and industrial equipment and boilers from damaging hard water, acid or alkaline water, excessive minerals, and metals. Water quality issues can permanently damage equipment and lead to costly and time-consuming equipment breakdowns. Correctly sized and engineered water treatment and filtration will protect your equipment and prevent water-quality related shutdowns.

You Can Count on Your Northwest Water Treatment and Filtration Specialists

While our emphasis is in water softening for boilers, we have successfully addressed every water quality issue we’ve encountered since we opened our doors in 1996. As a Kent / Seattle, Washington based company we can respond quickly and cost-effectively to your needs. We have unparalleled breadth and depth of experience in water treatment and filtration and have built an impressive track record of success. We work with pulp and paper manufacturers, food processing, hospitals, laundromats, car washes, and many other commercial and industrial operations in greater Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

Making Water Quality Easier for Operations Managers, Boiler Engineers,
and Plant Engineers

Our proven-successful process saves you time, saves money, and ensures your water quality issues are cost-effectively resolved. From your initial call, your system installation can typically be completed within three weeks.

  1. During your on-site evaluation your commercial water treatment and filtration specialist will thoroughly review your entire system and conduct on-site testing with a portable lab to accurately assess your water quality issues. In addition, they will discuss the technical requirements of your system including flow rates, temperatures, chemicals, pressure, and related requirements to ensure a thorough understanding of your requirements and any potential concerns.
  2. When your system design is finalized, you will receive a fixed-fee quote via email which includes professional installation, high-quality equipment, filtration, plumbing, parts, materials, system start-up, verification, and training.
  3. On your approval of the quote we will schedule your water treatment and filtration system installation.
  4. Install and verify your system then train you to perform routine maintenance.
  5. If needed, return to tweak your system, at no additional charge.

Filter replacement and system maintenance are just a phone call away. These will maintain your water quality at optimal levels and maximize the life of your equipment.

Types of Commercial Water Treatment and Filtration Systems

Softening Systems suitable for applications ranging from 60,000 to 1,200,000 grains of hardness removal, at flow rates from 10 to 200 gallons per minute, with 1", 1-1/2", 2", and 3" valves available.

Twin Alternating Softening Systems for continuous soft water applications such as boilers, car washes, and laundromats. Suitable for conditions ranging from 22,500 to 360,000 grains removal at flow rates from 13 - 35 gallons per minute.

Multi-Media Filters for filtering applications consist of four different layers of media, with coarse material on the top of the bed to remove the largest particles, and successively finer layers deeper in the bed, where smaller particles are removed. These filters typically remove sediment as small as 10-15 microns.

Greensand Filters for removing iron and manganese from water through oxidation and filtration, where no chemical regeneration is required. In addition to backwashing, greensand filters must be regenerated with a potassium permanganate solution. The solution is automatically introduced into the filter as a part of the regeneration cycle, or is injected into the raw water with a metering pump, prior to entering the filter.

Activated Carbon Filters are utilized to remove chlorine, and reduce color, organics, tannin, and objectionable tastes and odors from water.

Chemical Feed Systems by Walchem Corporation are used as a component to disinfection or filtration systems. Available with pumping output controlled manually, or proportional to water flow.

Your Water Quality Issues Can Be Cost-Effectively Resolved

Contact us to request an on-site water analysis or to get answers your questions about commercial and industrial water treatment systems.

Service Area: greater western Washington including Bellevue, Everett, Olympia, Seattle, and Tacoma

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